A new space was inaugurated at our distillery on Tuesday 27 September!

Habitation La Salle is a former sugar refinery founded at the end of the 17th century at Sainte-Marie in the North-East of the island which used to produce pure sugar cane juice to distil “tafia”, the ancestor of rum.

Its restoration and opening to the general public aim to showcase the story of Martinique agricole rum.

The Habitation is close to the plantations and has several areas to visit following the historic path from sugar cane to rum: from the wooden mills used to crush the sugar cane and extract the juice to the “guildiverie” where the first rums were distilled.

This journey ends with a tasting* area and shop selling LA SALLE cuvées bottled using artisan methods and sealed with wax with the possibility to personalise bottles using pyrography. These cuvées are exclusively sold in this shop.

Further information in the Visit section, Habitation La Salle. Accessible at the SAINT JAMES distillery site via the Little Plantation Train.

*Dégustation gratuite, réservée aux personnes majeures.