Ginger James

The Ginger James is part of the Tiki Cocktails family.
Using the famous Maï taï Cocktail as a basis, I wanted to create a Tiki that is spicy thanks to the ginger juice, luscious from the orgeat, fresh and acidic thanks to the lime and with a touch of resin and herbs from Green Chartreuse.
This alliance is enhanced by the ring of Saint James Bitters which slowly infuses through the glass.
Stephen Martin, Saint James ambassador
Pour into a shaker 2/3 filled with ice-cubes:

- 4 cl SAINT JAMES Royal Ambré rum
- 2 cl orgeat syrup
- 2 cl lime juice
- 8 cl ginger juice
- A few drops of Green Chartreuse

Shake vigorously for 15 seconds.
Serve in a cocktail glass.
Then add a few crops of Green Chartreuse followed by a ring of ice on the glass.
Pour 3 to 5 dashes of SAINT JAMES Bitters onto the ice.

Royal Blanc

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