Old James

Making an Old James borrows techniques from New Orleans and the saloons of the Far West!
Combining the sugar and Saint James Bitters with water creates an aromatic “sauce base” which will bring out the very best in your choice of a more delicate Old James, made with Cuvée 1765 rum, or more spicy and spirited with SAINT JAMES Vieux 7 Ans.
Stephen Martin, Saint James ambassador
- 5 cl SAINT JAMES Cuvée 1765 or SAINT JAMES Vieux 7 Ans
- 1 cl sugar cane syrup
- A little soda water or sparkling water
- 3 to 5 dashes of SAINT JAMES Bitters
- peel of 1 orange

In an Old Fashioned glass, mix the sugar cane syrup, water and Bitters.
Add the rum.
Stir vigorously with the spoon about twenty times.